Kokatat Hydrus Meridian Drysuit


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For paddlers looking for a great drysuit on a budget, look no further than the Kokatat Hydrus 3L Meridian drysuit with the newest generation of Kokatat fabric technology— Hydrus 3L.


The Hydrus 3L Meridian incorporates all the features of the GORE-TEX® version including Kokatat’s superior construction techniques, integrated socks, watersports entry and relief zippers and a lifetime warranty, but at a lower price. This new three-layer fabric is exceptionally waterproof and breathable.


Kokatat have a huge range of Dry suits. There are various fabric options from the sensibly priced Hydrus breathable fabric up to Goretex.


There are many different styles and options like zips, socks, tailoring of arm/leg lengths. We suggest having a look at www.kokatat.com and then ask us what the price is on the suit you’re looking for. Delivery is within 3 weeks normally.

Brand: Kokatat